Smokin’ New Products

The Holland Smokehouse

When your recipe calls for smoke, the new Smokehouse wood-fired smoker is the answer. Built in the USA this sturdy workhorse will make your weekend cooking project a snap. It also doubles as a charcoal grill with the included charcoal pan. NEW from Holland and ready for you!



2. Adjustable damper controls to maintain ideal temperature

3. Sturdy wheels and casters for easy moving

4. Tilt-out coal bin for easy loading

5. Three-piece removable drip pan for easy cleaning

6. Water tray to add flavor and moistness

7. One-year limited parts warranty (See owner’s manual for details)

The Holland Grill Aurora

Holland Grills just cant stop making some of the best outdoor patio grills and accessories.  The All new Aurora will turn a boring patio into a place to gather with some real atmosphere. Watch the flames dance out of the glass bed to over a foot in height.

The flame height is easily adjustable.

Durable hammered finish along with stainless steel.

The Aurora measures 22″x 21″ and 26″ tall.

Uses standard 20 lb LP tanks.

Introducing The B.O.A.T.S. Tool

This tool is the ultimate four in one Kamado style grill tool. You can use it for a bottle opener, ash tool, scraper and coal stirring tool. The tool has a long reach, 18 1/4  inch to be exact, this gets the ash out of those bigger, deeper grills. The V style scraper will fit down in the grid for the easiest most complete cleaning possible. The B.O.A.T.S. Tool features an all stainless steel construction made here in the USA, exclusively for HG Distributing.


Whether you’re looking to grill, smoke, sear or bake; this is the last outdoor cooker you’ll ever buy for generations to come. Available in two sizes. 14″ and 20 1/2 ”

 Lightning Nuggets, Inc.

Manufactures renewable non-toxic all natural fire starters. Our company has the philosophy to offer only a product of environmental enhancements and consumer satisfactions.  For this reason we use recycled forest by-products within our lumber industry, and only a completely purified, recycled, food grade quality paraffin wax. Our product has no hazards and completes nature’s  carbon cycle as a renewable resource.

The Lightning Nugget, our original firestarter, when placed round side down and lighting the top flat edge, is guaranteed to burn for at leas t 15 minutes, reaching 480 degrees with an 8+ inch flame.

The Affordable Wood Fire Pellet Grill that expertly grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, braises, sears or BBQs.

 The digital temperature control automatically adds pellets as needed to regulate the temperature. Convection heat distribution technology ensures food gets cooked evenly to perfection.

basques bag

Basques Sugar Maple Lump Charcoal

We have picked up another line of one of the best lump charcoal brands on the market.

As some of you may know, grilling and barbecuing on charcoal is not just  another way to prepare your food.  In  fact, most of the time, if turns an ordinary day into a happening.  The smell of burning sugar maple charcoal tends  gives it that additional special taste that no other wood can attain.

Basques Charcoal is available by the 17.6 pound bag (8kg) or by the skid (36 bags)



Look for our HG display trailer. The HG trailer will be loaded up with all of the latest grilling accessories from The Holland Grill Company, Grill Dome and Bradley Smokers.

Flame Boss

Temperature control for your smoker. Create mouth watering, delicious meat and fish dishes without the hassle of babysitting your smoker day and night. Plug it in, set it and forget it. Read more about it on the Flame Boss page.


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