Schuck Hitches

Schuck Cushion Towing Hitches are engineered to absorb minor or major tongue
thrust shocks from towing loads off road or on the highway. The innovative
design of each hitch contains injection-molded urethane cushions to absorb end
thrust shock and high density polyethane bearings to increase tongue loads.
There is no metal-to-metal contact, which translates into a smoother and quieter
ride. This unique design is built for years of service, and is virtually
maintenance-free. It’s what truck and utility
vehicle drivers want!


Urethane Tips compress to absorb
minor end thrust shocks
Urethane Cushions compress to absorb
major thrust shocks and feather out loads

Save time and effort on every hook up!

In all of our swivel cushion hitches, the tongue extends a full seven inches beyond the tow position and swivels 60 degrees left to right.

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We offer the full line of Schuck Cushion Hitches and accessories.

The 300 Series Cushion hitch is designed for a 750 pound tongue weight and 20,000 pound pulling capacity.

The 700 Series Cushion hitch is designed for a 1,000 pound tongue weight and 40,000 pound pulling capacity.

The 800 Series Cushion hitch is designed for a 2,000 pound tongue weight and 50,000 pound pulling capacity.

The Model 1000 Bumper is specifically designed for heavy-duty use on all standard size pickup trucks and 2 ton trucks.

Parts and accessories for Schuck cushion hitches.

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