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HG Distributing is all about outdoor cooking. Here at HG Distributing we are constantly testing new products that prove to be a great benefit to the novice or beginner griller. The Holland Grill and the Grill Dome are most definitely the best grills for long life and ease of cooking in the natural/propane gas and charcoal line-up of grills.

Just in time for spring we are proud to announce that the complete line of Bradley Smokers and accessories are now available to our dealers. Check out the Designer Series. This smoker is exclusively available only through H.G. Distributing dealers.  The Bradley line includes electric smokers (digital and analog), twelve different flavored wood smoking bisquettes, cooking racks, covers, cures, syrups and smoking cookbooks.

Holland Grill Spices are also the best seasonings on the table and for preparation. Give the Carolina a try on your next turkey, chicken or even pork, your taste buds will thank you. Try the Greek on hamburgers or vegetables with your meal for a nice smooth kick.

Shake a little “NEW” Steaks Alive seasoning on your steaks for the best  In beef seasonings. The Steaks Alive Seasoning From Holland Grill contains the proper blend of Salt, Pepper and Garlic. This is a must have for any grill or smoker.

Over the years we have had a lot of requests for a true stand up smoker, so in 2010 we began developing an upright smoker, Our “Smokehaus” has gone through some small changes over the years to make it one of the most simplest to use with a natural draft that can’t be beat.  Our Smokehaus does not have electronic parts to go bad, so expect many years of smoking without the repairing or replacing of any fragile components.

We also carry the full line of Schuck Hitches, Montezuma Tool Boxes, Lockease Hitch pins, portable Swift Hitch camera with monitor and the Post Boxx which possibly may be the last mail box you would buy.

Give us a call for more info on any of our products and we will glad to help you. Lets get cooking!

Call us Monday -Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. 800-414-7455 for the latest dealer information or email anytime.